I found lucid chart while searching for the best free flowchart program available. I was so impressed with Lucidchart for flowcharts I ended up subscribing for the $5 a month subscription fee. The program does have significant schematic capabilities but as it is designed for flowcharts there are some limitations.   

This is a wonderful free online book for learning about, as it says, neural networks and deep learning. I am hoping to be able to combine it with open CV to compensate for the lack of precision in the motors and controllers to improve the precision of its movements. 

This is a great online book for people with no experience in python or those who need some review of the syntax and basics of python. 

This is the webpage for the robotics club that I am an active member of. It has been a wonderful resource for me and many others to pursue their interest into robotics while. They host an annual robotics competition Bot Brawl, along with providing educational sessions open to the public, and participating in competitions such as Robo Magellan. 

The website for the arm I am attempting to build

Another open source robot arm that I found online.