Other Automotive Projects

This is just a page to document and pull together the notes from a few of the other car projects I have been working on recently. 


2001 Subaru Outback

This car is another auction special that I am combining with a parts car to get more varied automotive experience and hopefully make a little money off of. It has 236K+ miles but other than a few specific issues was in surprisingly good shape. The main issue with the outbacks that came with the flat four EJ235 engine, as this one did, is the head gaskets eventually start leaking. This car had a slow coolant leak from the driver side head gasket. It is also an interference engine and since the timing belt has to be removed to change the head gaskets I decided to change out the timing belt, pulleys, and tensioner while at it. As with many car projects YouTube has made this much easier than it otherwise would have. The South Main Auto Repair YouTube channel was kind enough to post a five part series on replace the head gasket on this specific model and year (its even the same color!) which can be found here.


2000 Volvo S70

Coming soon...