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Bot Brawl 2016 highlights

Bot Brawl 2016 highlights

Bot Brawl

Each year CIRC (Central Illinois Robotics Club) hosts Bot Brawl a robotics competition in Peoria IL. Competitions include Sumo, Line following, Line maze, Checkers on a Sumo Ring, with the main feature being  1 lb and 3 lb RC combat.

In future competitions I will be trying out 3-D printed polycarbonate frames for RC combat once I finish with my current set of 3-D printing tasks.


In 2012 my brother, a few members from CIRC, and I traveled to California to compete in RoboGames with our combat robot Jailbreak. We had created the bot the year before and competed with a group of friends who attempted to start a robotics club at Bradley University. I was unable to attend that year and once my brother and I left the school the club no longer functioned. The following year us and some friends funded the bot and trip ourselves. 

The frame is made from tube steel left over from the school's race car competition and the weapon is a solid block of aluminum with two, S7 tool steel, hit points on each apposing corner. The weapon was powered by two 3.5 hp brushless allowing the weapon to spin up to terrifically high speeds. In the end our downfall was, as it is for many competitors, drive motors to powerful and wheels with insufficient grip. This caused us to have very poor traction and thus unable to control well enough to land hits on our more nimble opponents. 


We sustained pretty severe damage in the last fight but what in the end caused us to lose was a hit so hard that the G forces unplugged the RC receiver, leaving us dead in the water.