A member of our robotics club was doing some spring cleaning and found an old SVI-2000 Quickshot toy robotic arm, that had been laying around for a long time. It no longer functioned and was missing the battery cover. I was curious to its construction and wanted to see if I would be able to fix it. Once I was able to fix the arm I decided it would be a good candidate for work on visual servo control. With it's simple construction, lack of feedback, and slow operating speed would make it an easy start for computer vision controls.

With the SVI-2000 arm to pull parts off of the 3-D printer I wanted to use the 3-D printer to construct a stronger arm with more axis' to develop a system of parts that could be assembled by a robot arm. Initially I planned to design own arm but I found the MoveO arm on thingiverse.com and decided to instead spend my time building the arm instead of creating one from scratch.  Eventually I am going to create a computer controlled jig that could hold and rotate the parts so that the arm could assemble components together. 

This is the documentation of my project to restore this 2001 Audi A8L. Initially planned  as a few simple repairs, as I learned more about the car and realized how inexpensive many of the replacement parts were I decided to do a more thorough restoration of the car starting with the cars mechanical issues. 

This is the robot Jailbreak that my brother and I took to Robo-Games 2012 in California to compete in the 120lb RC combat competition. 

In this section I will post my various notes about the 3-D printing materials I've worked with along with pictures various things I have printed.

Project to modify this pan tilt mechanism to slow its operation.

My first industrial "invention". 


Support Process - Standard.png

The section is a small description of the lunar mining project I have been researching. Eventually it will have its own website but at this time I am unsure how much I want to show publicly.